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That was amazingly beautiful thank you
sandy m
Beautiful sounds, images and gift . Thank u for sharing. I really enjoyed and appreciate this gesture of love kindness and healing..
trena g
Hi. I have to say never in my wildest dreams would I have said that listening to drums would be relaxing. But, with the ocean and birds it was all that and more. So, this a big wow from a lady in her 60s here in Galway Bay, Ireland West. Lots of good luck to you. And, may your life always shine brightly and luck always be near.
love thy neighbor…
“The Journey” is such a beautiful and peaceful arrangement! Just love the rhythm – congrats Gar!! Very nicely done! Looking forward to hearing more music from you.
kiki p


Losing the one you love to Suicide

A look back at the trauma and means of coping with the greatest loss I have ever experienced.

Back to Composing

Hi. Just a quick note. To let you know that my studio is now operable. I have acquired two…
Gar on Cuenca Streets

Gar Update – Move To Cuenca And Teaser of Next Piece

Update on my move to Cuenca, Ecuador, and a teaser of the next 432 hz piece.

Orion’s Belt Virtual Surround Video

This video has been mastered with virtual surround sound so that you can enjoy the surround sound environment through…

music and video releases