As you know… I am a multi-genre artist, and I have a lot of ideas brewing. Among other endeavors, I have completed four singles, for a meditation album, and am currently working on number 5.

Number 5 is a special one. As, it will be the first piece created, that is tuned to C = 528hz. If you aren’t familiar with this, it simply sets the¬† music at a frequency that has been demonstrated to be both spiritually and physiologically beneficial to humans (and probably other animals LOL).

Physiologically, really cool things happen. DNA activity is stimulated. Nitric  Oxide (which your body uses in the healing process) levels increase. Red blood cell division is stimulated. Brainwaves settle down to lower cycles per second, causing a relaxed and peaceful state of being.

I’ve done a lot of work with sound therapy, and the results are profound. So, I’m real excited about incorporating this.

John Lennon may have been the first artist to incorporate 528hz, when he produced imagine. There is currently a movement to transpose much of today’s music to 528hz. You might want to check out 528 Records here:


The album is intended to contain 7 works and be about one half hour long.
The current singles are here:





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