This video has been mastered with virtual surround sound so that you can enjoy the surround sound environment through your regular headphones and/or earbuds. Notes for viewing: It is recommended that you use full screen when viewing the video. Some of the sound effects are synchronized to shooting stars and other small objects that will not be seen on small screens. Also, it will be more enjoyable if you keep the mouse cursor out of the video area, since that will cause youtube to overlay words on the video and you will miss the effects.
If you prefer the meditation piece, you can listen here.

transcript of video:

Hi, Fans. Thanks for being members. I have this piece of music called Orion’s Belt that was part of my original collection. Its still unpublished at the moment. But, members have access to it on the music tab in the World-Meditation section. I decided it was time to do a video for this one. I like to have a video to accompany it when I actually publish it to iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora. So, even though it’s a meditation piece, I thought I would have a little bit of surround sound fun with it on the video. The video required sound effects for various components, so I took the time to score them in surround sound and then encode the score into a virtual headphone format. So needless to say listening to this piece under virtual headset is going to be pretty awesome for the surround effects and I highly recommend it. If you listen to it on a nice set of speakers then I recommend a subwoofer or just a really good set of speakers with a nice low end. So, if you’re in this for the meditation then you just want to stick with the audio version in the music collection. But if you’re interested in the sound effects in the video then headphones are the way to go. It’s okay without headphones, but the sound effects come out much nicer under the headset. It will work if it’s earbuds or headphones. The better quality you have the better it’s going to sound, but it’s enjoyable. So, even though this is a video blog. I’m actually tacking on the Orion’s Belt finished video just like I have done in the past. The surround sound encoding will work in this copy as well as the copy that will be posted on the website in the video section which is coming soon. So, I hope you enjoy it. Give me some feedback and I’ll talk to you later.

audio only

more suitable for meditation

Orion’s Belt — Gary Pfeffer

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