Hi. Just a quick note. To let you know that my studio is now operable. I have acquired two interesting items:

  1. a RAVVAST drum. Which is a cross between a pan drum and a tongue drum, and
  2. a HANDSONIC HPD-20 pad instrument for playing a multitude of percussion instruments that are intended to play by hand, instead of sticks or mallets.


Tongue Drum
Pan Drum

The slots from the Tongue Drum are combined with the hand playability of the Pan Drum. This results in the RAVVAST Drum in the larger image.



I am writing a composition employing both instruments. Even though the RAVVAST is the most beautiful meditation I’ve heard in quite some time, I chose to do a sort of backwoods, everglades aura.

It is a lot of fun to build on the first recording. It wasn’t recorded in a studio. I was just practicing out on my patio. But, I think I can use the ambiance to advantage in the full composition.

As soon as it is completed, you will be the first to know!

See ya soon!

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