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The Journey with 528 Hz - Meditation Collection

I would like to share my meditation collection with you. I have been a composer and vibrational medicine practitioner for many years. I have been composing healing musicĀ  with 528 Hz and 432 Hz frequencies for quite some time. And, I have had tremendous benefits. Both personally, and from associates, clients, friends and family.

The music in this collection is interspersed with 528 Hz sine tones where appropriate. 528 Hz is associated with healing and increased DNA activity. Sitting still and listening to this music brings the primary brainwave state down to lower frequencies of around 7 Hz. When a body is experiencing this brainwave state (similar to twilight sleep), physiological changes occur, which promote healing. For example; blood viscosity improves, naturally occurring nitric oxide increases, mitochondria function improves, and so on. All of these things promote healing.

Listening to this meditation music regularly, helps promote more frequent states of healing. On the flip side of that coin, the more time spent in life's day to day stress, the more that degeneration occurs. Cortisol levels abound, and this causes degeneration. 528 Hz tone and other meditation music, natural sounds and specifically chosen tempos, reduces cortisol levels.

I keep all this in mind when I am composing my music. Acoustic percussion instruments that are associated with meditation and healing are also employed.

Regular exposure to my music has benefited myself, colleagues and friends. And, I want to share it with you now.

There are three ways to do this:

Stream for a Limited Time

You can come back here (to this link) to stream this music until this promotion is over.

Buy & Download

Just click the DOWNLOAD button, then the BUY NOW button. From there you can pay with PayPal or a credit card. You will then have your mp3 files with no DRM to make things inconvenient.


Sign Up For A Subscription or Lifetime Membership

You can sign up for a monthly, yearly or lifetime membership. For each membership, you will have:

  • access to all music and video that I produce (even unpublished and pre-release music and video)
  • access to all informational material (via private blog) that I publish. (So many people, have been asking about the 432 Hz and 528 Hz concepts that I will be sharing information regularly about these, frequencies and other solfeggio frequencies and their benefits.)
  • access to several lines of private communication between me and you (such as Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and the Inbox on the Gar website)
  • yearly and lifetime members will also have access to Skype, Wire, and a few other audio-visual means of communicating with me

All memberships come with a 30 day full refund guarantee.

Hit the JOIN button below, and spend a few minutes signing up for music that can or will change your life forever. You will be asked to:

  • select one of the three memberships,
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  • make the PayPal payment (you can use a credit card if you don't have a PayPal account).

Once this simple process is complete, you will have full access to the site. (note that it takes about a minute after you subscribe to Paypal, for Paypal to actually process the transaction). At that point, full access begins.

Once that is complete, and you are a member:

You will be able to stream the full meditation collections and benefit from 528 Hz, 432 Hz, natural sounds and carefully chosen tempos to elicit lower alpha brainwave states for meditation, healing, de-stressing and relaxation.

There are also videos available for either mindful relaxation or entertainment value.

Now that you can log in, you can immediately benefit from a more peaceful state of being. You will be able to listen to it at work, home, in the car.