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Hi! I’m Gar! That’s short for Gary. That’s what mom and dad named me. But everyone seems to want to call me Gar. That works… no problem… I kind of like it.

I’ve been a creative guy all my life. But, I decided early on that majoring in music or the arts would not be the most economical thing to do. I don’t regret my choices. But, if I could do it over again, I would follow my passion from the start.

I burned out on a career in computer programming in a room with no windows… 30 years… Wow. I look back and wonder how and why I did it.

I finally had enough of that. And, then I got into everything multimedia! Video Production, Audio engineering, and, of course, my favorite of all: music composition. I’ve been into music for most of my life. Starting with drums… then guitar… and finally, keyboard. But, I never did anything with it as a vocation until now. I’ve been into audio engineering, video production, web design, and many other creative outlets. Music composition was scattered about over the past 25 years, and picking up steam little by little as the years went by.

So, now that I’m here, let’s have an awesome time together! I love the creative process of music composition. I love composing meditation music, healing music, blues, jazz, world, country, you name it. I love the technical aspects of mastering it. I want to share my passion with you. What good is it if I don’t share it? I want you to enjoy it. And, I want to know that you are loving it.

So, if you love the creative processes that are unfolding here, I would really, really love your support. Even if it is just to listen and give me feedback. But, I take donations that will keep me writing more and more music.

Please. Join me in this awesome endeavor we call LIFE!