Launch – UPDATED


Gar Launched GaryPfeffer.Net on January 14, 2017

January 16, 2017: Gar has recently launched his new websites (the world according to Gar) at

The website consists of a variety of music genres, including jazz, meditation, rock, dance, country, and blues (as Addison Brooks).

The main purpose of the launch was to create a fan supported music platform where music lovers can subscribe to support his multi-genre efforts. Gar writes for all genres, and the intention is to make this outlet the launchpad for all genres.

NOVEMBER 1, 2021: GAR is releasing all compositions in NFTs, as the world is moving to this new and very effective means of supporting the artists you love.

About Gar

Gar (Florida) is a multiple genre composer, writing for virtually all genres. He loves writing expressive instrumentals, exploring acoustic and electronic instruments of all kinds and using them in new ways. This explains his passion for the world genre. He is exploding with intriguing concepts that keep his fans wanting more and more.

His love for music got him into everything multimedia, including video production, audio engineering, and, his favorite… music composition. He started his music journey at a young age with drums, then guitar and finally, keyboard. Music has always been his passion. And, now, many years later, he is unleashing it on the world… It is… “The World According To Gar”.

Email: Gar@GaryPfeffer.Net