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Hi. Just a quick note. To let you know that my studio is now operable. I have acquired two interesting items:

  1. a RAVVAST drum. Which is a cross between a pan drum and a tongue drum, and
  2. a HANDSONIC HPD-20 pad instrument for playing a multitude of percussion instruments that are intended to play by hand, instead of sticks or mallets.


Tongue Drum
Pan Drum

The slots from the Tongue Drum are combined with the hand playability of the Pan Drum. This results in the RAVVAST Drum in the larger image.



I am writing a composition employing both instruments. Even though the RAVVAST is the most beautiful meditation I’ve heard in quite some time, I chose to do a sort of backwoods, everglades aura.

It is a lot of fun to build on the first recording. It wasn’t recorded in a studio. I was just practicing out on my patio. But, I think I can use the ambiance to advantage in the full composition.

As soon as it is completed, you will be the first to know!

See ya soon!

Will be active soon

Hi. I Just thought that I would let you know what’s going on. I have been in the process of moving from the coast of Ecuador to a city in the mountains. This has been quite a time consuming process, and it has taken me away from what I love to do most. Write Music! I think that I am a couple of weeks from being settled in at the new location.

I’ll be getting started in a new studio with an awesome view of the mountains, a new RAV VAST drum, and a couple of cool electronic instruments.

I have a full album planned this year. And, I want to show you my new town, as well.

So, hang in there a little longer and the communications will pick up.

Thanks, so much, for understanding.

Introducing Orion’s Belt Virtual Surround Video

This video has been mastered with virtual surround sound so that you can enjoy the surround sound environment through your regular headphones and/or earbuds. Notes for viewing: It is recommended that you use full screen when viewing the video. Some of the sound effects are synchronized to shooting stars and other small objects that will not be seen on small screens. Also, it will be more enjoyable if you keep the mouse cursor out of the video area, since that will cause youtube to overlay words on the video and you will miss the effects.
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Gar Launched GaryPfeffer.Net and GaryPfeffer.Com on January 14, 2017

January 16, 2017: Gar has recently launched his new websites (the world according to Gar) at and Fans can subscribe at

The website consists of a variety of music genres, including jazz, meditation, rock, dance, country, and blues (as Addison Brooks).

The main purpose of the launch was to create a fan supported music platform where music lovers can subscribe to support his multi-genre efforts. Gar writes for all genres, and the intention is to make this outlet the launchpad for all genres.

Gar allows full access to his entire music collection where fans can download anything and everything.

The website is simple and user friendly, giving easy access to it’s visitors.

About Gar

Gar (Florida) is a multiple genre composer, writing for virtually all genres. He loves writing expressive instrumentals, exploring acoustic and electronic instruments of all kinds and using them in new ways. This explains his passion for the world genre. He is exploding with intriguing concepts that keep his fans wanting more and more.

His love for music got him into everything multimedia, including video production, audio engineering, and, his favorite… music composition. He started his music journey at a young age with drums, then guitar and finally, keyboard. Music has always been his passion. And, now, many years later, he is unleashing it on the world… It is… “The World According To Gar”.

Email: Gar@GaryPfeffer.Net,
subscribe at


Meditation Album In The Works

As you know… I am a multi-genre artist, and I have a lot of ideas brewing. Among other endeavors, I have completed four singles, for a meditation album, and am currently working on number 5.

Number 5 is a special one. As, it will be the first piece created, that is tuned to C = 528hz. If you aren’t familiar with this, it simply sets the  music at a frequency that has been demonstrated to be both spiritually and physiologically beneficial to humans (and probably other animals LOL).

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