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432 Hz Healing

432 tuned - healing music

I would like to share my 432 Hz writing endeavors and music with you. I have been a composer and vibrational medicine practitioner for many years. I have been composing healing music for quite some time. And, I have had tremendous benefits. Both personally, and from associates, clients, friends and family.

Music tuned to 432 Hz causes many physiological changes in the body. It brings the primary brainwave state down to lower frequencies of around 7 Hz. When a body is experiencing this brainwave state (similar to twilight sleep), physiological changes occur, which promote healing. For example; blood viscosity improves, naturally occurring nitric oxide increases, mitochondria function improves, and so on. All of these things promote healing.

Listening to 432 Hz music regularly, helps promote more frequent states of healing. On the flip side of that coin, the more time spent in life's day to day stress, the more that degeneration occurs. Cortisol levels abound, and this causes degeneration. 432 Hz tuned music and other meditation music, natural sounds and specifically chosen tempos, reduces cortisol levels.

I keep all this in mind when I am composing my music.

Regular exposure to my music has benefited myself, colleagues and friends. And, I want to share it with you now, via subscription or lifetime membership.

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Transcript of Video

Transcript of above video

Note that the second half of the video is the finished work...

Hi, thanks for tuning in, whether it’s Facebook or Patreon, I’m glad you’re here.

My new project is going to be a significantly different project than those I’ve done in the past. I’ve been composing for quite some time. And parallel to that, I’ve also been into energy medicine… Energy healing… Frequency work… Sound frequency, specifically. But, also light frequency. And, I think I need to combine the two, now.

There is many, many, meditation videos out there. Some of them are good and some of them are not so good… in terms of the healing effect that they can have. The video… I call it a video… but, really… the important part is what you’re hearing. The video is just because everybody uses YouTube and other video media now. But, what I want to accomplish with this, is actually a video that works very well. I want to compose and create nice music. But, I want to have a composition that actually has a healing effect for you. Whether or not you’re doing meditation.

You see, if you’re exposed to specific frequencies, they can have a healing benefit. For example, 528 Hz is conducive to DNA production. It just speeds up the work of DNA. And, your body heals faster. Other things happen, too.

You can listen to music at tempos that will bring the frequency of your brain waves down to an average of about 7 Hz or maybe even a little bit less. And, this causes a lot of healing effects to occur. This has been studied clinically for so long now. It’s exciting that this happens. Other things happen. Like red blood cells… they tend to stick together in the general population with the standard American diet… The blood’s kind of dirty and the platelets stick together. Well, when you are exposed to the right music those platelets, those blood cells separate. The viscosity improves. Nitrous oxide in the blood… naturally occurring nitrous oxide increases, and this has a phenomenal healing effect. So, there’s so much… it’s very exciting.

I want to combine a lot of these elements into a piece of music that you can just play in the background or focus on. And have a significant impact on your life. If you can heal from listening to my music, then that is just really awesome. It’s happened to me while I’m writing it. The impact physiologically, mentally, is just phenomenal. You got a figure if I’m writing this stuff, I’m listening to it over and over, repeatedly while I am tweaking it and orchestrating it.

And, I have to say that the impact of all this exposure is phenomenal. Having been a practitioner in this field of energy medicine for all this time it’s ridiculous how little bit I’ve done on myself. And, just sitting here writing the music has had a phenomenal impact.

Now, I just want to tell you little bit about what it is I am trying to accomplish in this piece of music. And it involves research that happened over the past 10 years and a lot of it very recently. For instance, I chose a tempo of 63 bpm. And, the reason being is because at 63 bpm, a tempo… that is a frequency… pulse is a frequency. It’s just a very slow frequency… a very low-pitched frequency. We don’t even perceive it as sound. But, our body is responding to it. Just as it does all frequency.

So, at 63 bpm, we are dealing with a sub harmonic of an audible frequency and a light frequency. This is a sub harmonic that happens to be a frequency that has a strong healing effect on the body. 60 to 65 beats per minute, has the effective of reducing your brainwave frequencies and creating a great deal of relaxation. 63, in particular, is a sub-harmonic of frequencies that are well known in the light and sound range to have a strong healing effect on the body. And, that’s why I chose it.

I’m also setting all the instruments tuning to 432 Hz. When the instruments are tuned to 432 Hz… And, what this means is that the middle A is set for 432 Hz specifically… Now, when you do that (tune to 432 Hz), all the frequencies on the scale happen to be healing frequencies. Unfortunately, the world standard is to set A to 440 Hz. 440 Hz is a dissonant frequency to the human body. And, in fact most of the keys, if not all, of the keys (notes) are dissonant to the body.

Relatively speaking, we can hear harmony when we play music on the keyboard when it’s tuned to 440 Hz. But, the body’s response to this is still negative. In relative terms, you can hear music that you think is very relaxing, and some like heavy metal is very distorted and dissonant. But, in reality, even the music played at 440 Hz… even if its classical or whatever, is more dissonant to the body… is more harmful to the body unlike the solfeggio frequencies… the frequencies we experience when A is tuned to 432 Hz. So, that’s the reason for 432 Hz.

It sometimes called the love frequency. Maybe that’s because of the effect that it has on you, when all the frequencies that you listen to are healing frequencies. So, man. I’ve babbled a whole lot about this. But that’s where I’m going with this next piece of music. I’m 10 minutes into it and I’ll keep you posted.

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